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Funds Management

Funds Management

Our team of dedicated, expert investment professionals are committed to providing our investors with innovative, unique, world-class investment opportunities.

The goal – create a Fund Management portfolio that offers first-rate returns, consistent and proactive growth, and strategized risk management across diverse, exciting and innovative industries within Australia.

The Vertua
Opportunities Fund

Capitalising on an industry that has experienced strong and consistent growth over the last 10 years. The Vertua Opportunities Fund aims to acquire multiple small to medium tourism assets in regional NSW.

This focussed approach of actively owning, operating, and managing existing businesses, creates multi asset synergy within a substantiated growth industry, increasing market value exponentially.

The potential to generate significant return is weighed against our disciplined research and due diligence. All assets are subject to rigorous risk assessment.

How it works:

Based on our investment experience, industry knowledge and ability to recognise investment potential in diverse industries, we:

  • Identify potential aligning businesses through market research, intuitive ideas and quantitative assessment.
  • Commence rigorous risk assessment and identify the assets with realistic, consistent, earning and growth potential.
  • Create a multi-asset portfolio within the tourism sector in regional NSW with a desire to maintain a critical mass to be sold in a single exit strategy.

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